En reaktion till “Dagens låt: Joe & The Anchor – Black Car (Miriam Bryant cover)

  1. Hi Maria, Sorry to hear of you losses, so many at one time My thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember the happy memories the sad time wil fade away.
    I do like your new look thos spectacles really suit you. WOW!
    Kind regards
    Sue Goddard
    Fellow partner on Hungry for Hits

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zzzz yeaaah xx rolleyes pray party hug hahaha grrrr asg angel QQ PHU OO ;) :| :woot: :trött: :thumbsup: :star: :sick: :rose: :nolove: :nerd: :love: :hmm: :eyes: :dreaming: :clap: :bow: :bigblush: :bee: :S :P :DD :) :( 8)