1 tanke på “Dagens låt: Pink Floyd – High Hopes”

  1. Hiya – you’ve got great taste in music across your posts here.

    But when ya mention Pink Floyd you take it to a whole new level. One of the best bands in music history who helped create the modern music festival as we know it now!

    Great to see a fellow fan – do keep up the excellent work.

    All the best – Andre


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zzzz yeaaah xx rolleyes pray party hug hahaha grrrr asg angel QQ PHU OO ;) :| :woot: :trött: :thumbsup: :star: :sick: :rose: :nolove: :nerd: :love: :hmm: :eyes: :dreaming: :clap: :bow: :bigblush: :bee: :S :P :DD :) :( 8)