..Rings a bell…

Hittade denna på facebook. En av mina Michael Jackson vänner hade postat detta. Lessen för er som inte är bra på engelska, jag orkar inte översätta.


Quazimodo, the old bell ringer of the church bells had retired, so the church bell tower keeper hired a new bell ringer. He showed the new bell ringer around and told him that because the old bell ringer had worked there so long he was given the part of the bell that makes it ring in the center as a retirement gift, so the only way to make the bell ring was to hit it with your forehead.
The third time he got it right so the Bell tower keeper said he would leave him to his work… As the bell tower keeper left the new bell ringer in the tower he yelled out,”Son, whats your name?” The new bell ringer said something, but the bell tower keeper couldnt hear, so he continued on his way down the tower thinking that he could find out his new employee’s name later.The time came to ring the bell and the new bell ringer swung the bell and ran at it, smashing his face against the side of the bell, the force of which sent him flying out of the bell tower to land with a thud on the road below.The bell tower keeper ran out from the church to see a crowd gathering around the man laying on the road. Someone said that he was dead. Someone asked if anyone knew his name, to which the bell tower keeper said, ”No, I dont, but his face rings a bell.”

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